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General Painting

Ready to refresh and update your space with a fresh coat of paint?

Our team is trained and equipped to complete any number of general and custom paint projects!

General Painting Projects Include:

  • Wall, Ceiling, and Trim paint 

  • Feature Wall

  • Logo Wall

Contact us today for a free no-risk virtual consultation. 


Meet The Artist

Art and construction enthusiast, Frances Holmes, is shifting the paradigm of skill and talent usage in the workforce. Her professional background spans the construction, business support, and customer relations industries. In 2018, she crafted a niche career path that allowed her to balance work, home, and the pursuit of artistic goals.

Known by her associates as having a top-tier, rarely used artistic skill, paired with an extroverted, wanderers nature, she humorously was branded Sumxartist (sometimes artist/ SUM x Artist)

After working as an electrical apprentice on construction sites such as Kiener Plaza Park and Cortex Open Space, and acquiring a job with a painting company with numerous residential and commercial projects, she paired her knowledge of the skilled-trade industry with her knack for evolving business solutions into a niche company structure which combines artistry and design and her preferred trade, painting.

"In every career, a passion for what we do can produce beautiful results when we feel that we have a balance of freedom and structure for innovative and creative thinking."

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