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Interior Remodeling

Bring the Top Tier experience home today! 

Do you have under-used space in your home? Do you need more space? Have you thought about changing the function of an existing room?

Our team of professionals are versatile, skilled, OSHA and RRP trained. We know we can meet and exceed expectations of what you may have believed was impossible before.

Personal interior remodeling projects include:

  • Updating fireplaces and stairs

  • Adding molding, trim work

  • Hanging new interior doors

  • Installing new flooring

  • Designing pet-friendly spaces

  • Creating beautiful and functional laundry rooms

  • Painting to refresh rooms

  • Designing a home office, walk-in closet, or library

  • Refinishing an attic into livable space

  • Expanding a master suite

  • Designing hobby rooms and art studios

  • Organizing closets and rooms for more efficient storage

What’s on your list of most-desired spaces? Have you always wanted to remodel your basement into a fully functional space? Call us today for a free no-risk consultation. 

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