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Title:  Sub-Contractor 

Reports To:  CEO

Job Purpose:  Top Tier is growing, scaling and acquiring new job opportunities! As a result we are seeking reliable, hard working and experienced sub contractors to come on board. The sub contractor will be responsible for coordinating and managing assigned work. The ideal candidate must also have experience working on projects and be able to manage all aspects of contracting activities including scheduling, budgeting, project management, scheduling and documentation. This position requires strong interpersonal skills as well as the ability to work independently or under pressure while maintaining confidentiality. 

We are looking for experienced sub contractors in the fields below:

  • Plumbing

  • Electrical

  • Siding Crews

  • Roofers

  • Small Crews 

Key Responsibilities:

  • Perform related tasks within assigned scope of responsibility 

  • Provide guidance on how to complete work in accordance. with company policies and procedures or other applicable regulations.

  • Ensure safety regulations are followed on site at all times. 

  • Estimating costs for materials and labor.

  • Working independently with little or no supervision.

  • Completing specific tasks to contribute to a larger construction project.

  • Keeping track of timelines and budgets to ensure a project remains on track.

Minimum Requirements:

  • Proof of at least 4 completed projects; May require one current site visit to verify quality.

  • General Liability Insurance is required.

  • Workman's Comp may be required 

  • Must have valid bank account 

  • Must have own tools and and own work truck.

  • Must be willing to get materials when needed.

  • Must have a smart phone with ability to download software for communication progress.

We're Hiring:

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